Pristine Wilderness

Only 10% of Klipopmekaar is farmed, the other 90% is pristine mountain wilderness.

Only 10% of Klipopmekaar is farmed. The other 90% (over 5,000 hectares) is pristine mountain wilderness at the heart of one of the most beautiful, species rich and bio-diverse regions in the world. Leopard, duiker, klipspringers, aardvark, aardwolf, black eagles, tortoises, snakes, spiders, scorpions, and hundreds of species of fynbos flora and indigenous fauna live here in peace and harmony.

The Klipopmekaar wilderness is both rugged and untouched. There are very few paths and most walking is done with only the mountains, maps, stars and GPS to guide you. A recent circumnavigation hike took 4 days to complete.

Klipopmekaars rivers and waterfalls cascade over some of the most geologically fascinating and enchanting valleys in the world. Beautiful potholes and exquisite crystal clear streams can be found in hidden valleys throughout the farm. The water quality is excellent and guaranteed as the catchment areas feedings the rivers are located within the Klipopmekaar boundaries.

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