Desmond Tutu loves rooibos

According to the Business Day BDLive “The Insider” column, Desmond Tutu is a rooibos fan. The following article appeared in the column on 8th October:


The heavens rejoiced on Monday when Archbishop Desmond Tutu turned 82 and seemed sprightly and humorous enough to delay his call-up for heavenly duty for a good many years.


Officially the Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town, The Arch, as Tutu is fondly known, does not do “product” endorsements for anything except perhaps the Bible, love and human decency, compassion, 82nd birthdays and, without meaning to, rooibos tea.

Desmond Tutu a great lover of rooibos

Tutu is a great lover of rooibos and once said he wanted “to slow down, to sip rooibos tea with my beloved wife”. Maybe he doesn’t need to slow down even at 82 because rooibos can protect him and his liver and seems to have done so already. Research done by the Cape Peninsula University of Technology claimed that Clanwilliam’s most illustrious export had a proven ability to improve liver function (and probably by extension to improve the life of the liver).


Rooibos is not yet being exported to Paradise, but the heavenly quartermaster may want to stock up for the day someone arrives and orders rooibos on the rocks, without milk and honey.


The Insider tips his communion cup to The Arch and wishes him many more years, communion cupfuls — and rooibos.