Rooibos Tea Farm


Supplying premium tea brands direct with top quality Rooibos.

Situated high-up in the pristine heart of the northern Cederberg mountain range, Klipopmekaar is one of the largest and most progressive organic Rooibos farms in the world. Klipopmekaar produces top quality, ethically grown and organic Rooibos tea. We are certified organic by ECOCERT SA to supply European (EU), Japanese (JAS) & North American (NOP/USDA) markets.

We farm, process and export Rooibos direct to some of the world’s leading and premium tea brands in Asia, Europe and North America.

At Klipopmekaar, we’re committed to producing and processing organic Rooibos tea in an ethical, environmentally sustainable and socially mindful manner. We recognize that the welfare of our labour, optimal soil health, progressive farming methods, innovation, consistent product quality, and the biodiversity and preservation of our incredibly beautiful farm are at the heart of our customers long-term success.

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