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Who We Are

Klipopmekaar is one of the largest organic rooibos farms in the industry. We’re located high up in the Northern Cederberg mountains, one of the few top-quality rooibos production regions.


We farm, produce, process and export hundreds of tons of bulk organic rooibos to specialty and premium tea brand owners worldwide.


We’re passionate about rooibos, and its ethical & sustainable production/supply for the long-term benefit of all stakeholders in our business.

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Our Story

view of rooibos farm
view of a rooibos farm

In 2007 South African entrepreneur Richard Bowsher started farming rooibos tea.


Richard acquired farmland which had been previously farmed, but at negligible intensity, and with no buildings, homes or farm infrastructure at all. The only things standing on the farmland when Richard got going was an old bus, and a ram-shackled camp site. Nobody lived on the farm, there was no running water, and there was no power supplied to the farm.


Richard spent the first few years researching how to optimally produce rooibos. Many leading farmers were generous with their time and knowledge, and Richard appreciatively assembled his research into what’s become Klipopmekaar’s own “rooibos recipe”.


Richard invested to build the farm stores, processing facilities, workshops, staff homes, offices, infrastructure, custom equipment and implements needed for the journey. A fleet of tractors, trucks and farm vehicles were also put to work. Excellent management and passionate staff were freshly employed to build and run the farm together.


In 2009 Paul Schlechter joined Klipopmekaar as Farm Manager, and he and his family made Klipopmekaar their home. Paul brought his widely-respected “green fingers” and over twenty-five years of regional farm management experience to the business. As Richard’s “right-hand-man”, Paul has played a huge role in building the farming business, and has been the farm’s passionate and knowledgeable operations manager since 2009.


Since 2010 Richard’s wife Karin has been closely involved in farm strategy and planning. In 2018, Karin took on the role of Head – HR & Social Responsibility. Karin brings decades of global corporate experience and consulting to the organization’s operations.

Today Klipopmekaar is a family-managed farming and export business. Richard & Karin Bowsher look forward to assisting with your enquiries.

Co-founder, BOS Ice Tea

In addition to supplying premium tea brands direct, Richard also wanted to create a new proudly South African rooibos brand. In 2009, Richard Co-founded BOS Ice Tea. With the assistance of excellent management and investors, the exciting new rooibos ice tea beverage company grew rapidly. Richard initially worked with fellow Co-founder Grant Rushmere to launch the fledgling business, and thereafter served as Chairman of the Board until 2016. Eleven years on in 2020, BOS still sources all of its Rooibos from Klipopmekaar; and is the world’s leading Rooibos ice tea brand with regional head offices in Cape Town, Amsterdam, Paris and Colorado, USA.


Richard is proud of his establishment of BOS’s tree planting program. When BOS launched, Richard committed the company to planting and maintaining one indigenous tree per every 2000 units of BOS ice tea sold. By 2020 over 30, 000 trees had been planted in under-greened and the under-privileged areas throughout South Africa.


Today, Klipopmekaar is a thriving, productive and happy farm, and it’s one of the largest organic rooibos farms in the world. Between Klipopmekaar, BOS Ice Tea, and their suppliers, hundreds of jobs have been created in the South African economy and beyond. BOS has significantly increased the world-wide awareness of rooibos tea, its proudly South African roots, its premium qualities, and its spirited African identity.

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bos ice tea founders

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