Climate Change & Rooibos Irrigation

Klipopmekaar is #1 in the industry when it comes
to the supplementary irrigation of rooibos

Climate Change

The entire rooibos production region has always been highly drought affected, with total industry production volumes shifting in lockstep (sometimes up to 50%) with cyclical variation in rainfall.

Layered over the short-term cyclical variability is the longer-term impact of climate change which is resulting in a progressively dryer and hotter climate for the entire rooibos production region.

This has resulted in bulk buyers of rooibos (and their consumers) experiencing stock-outs, quality variation, and large changes in price. That’s not good for business. 

As a leader in organic rooibos production, our focus has always been on building healthy soils which retain more moisture. This is achieved through practicing no-till regenerative agriculture methods that strive to build healthy living soil, and working to increase soil carbon/organic matter.

But we needed to do more … 

Rooibos Irrigation

In 2015 we pulled together a team of experts and initiated a series of large-scale rooibos irrigation trials.


After years of research and significant investment, Klipopmekaar is #1 in the industry when it comes to the supplementary irrigation of rooibos. Our pioneering irrigation systems are all designed for the very-long-term; they’re green & sustainable, solar-powered, closed-loop, and generate negligible evaporation.


These systems enable us to carefully supplement shortfalls in precipitation (annually and/or seasonally) with excellent quality water, and mitigate the negative effects of drought as/when necessary.


The bottom line is that we significantly improve the long-term reliability, and consistent quality, of rooibos supply for our valued clients. Furthermore, good stable yields translate directly into both more competitive, and more stable, pricing!


Through our investment in rooibos irrigation, you can focus on your customer rather than worrying about your supply.

Eight reasons to source your bulk organic rooibos directly from us