Rooibos Processing & Packing

To supply excellent quality rooibos, you can rely on our team to get the processing, packing and export of your rooibos tea just right!

Rooibos Processing & Quality Assurance

Bulk rooibos orders are screened, sifted, blended and steam-pasteurised according to client’s needs. All processing orders are governed by strict FSSC 22000 protocols and supporting documentation for all processes is maintained to ensure traceability. 


Every bulk batch is independently tested by the PPECB (Perishable Products Export Control Board of the Department of Agriculture) to ensure that it complies with food-safety, food export, and phytosanitary standards. Each shipment is issued with a COA (Certificate of Analysis).

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Following final processing, orders are subject to testing to ensure they meet both client specifications and strict quality standards.


Tests include:

An independent Quality Assurance Manager monitors processes and critical control points during processing and packaging. During the production process, laboratory tests are conducted to check microbiological content (e.g. moulds & bacteria) and to guarantee that your final product will be certified as a hygienic, safe, and superior quality.

Bulk rooibos export packaging

Final product is packed into double-layered 18kg paper bags, labelled to agreed specifications. Each pallet is packed with 50 labelled bags and shrink-wrapped.

Orders ranging from single pallets up to 20-foot (9,000kg) and 40-foot (18,000 kg) containers are shipped in dedicated containers, or LCL for orders not matching these volumes.

We can also supply 450 kg bulk bags, packed 20 x 450 kg (9,000 kg) per 20-foot container, or 40 x 450 kg (18, 000 kg) per 40-foot container.

Our minimum order quantity is 1 x pallet of 900kg for Super Export Grade Short / Teabag Cut or 800kg of Super Export Grade Long / Coarse Cut.

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pallet of rooibos packed in 18kg paper bags

900kg pallet

a single rooibos paper bag of 18kg

18kg paper bag

a bulk rooibos bag of 450kg

450kg bulk bag

shipping container transporting bulk organic rooibos

Packed container

Contract packing for retail

We don’t offer contract packing services directly to clients. However, we’re happy to provide an introduction to our long-standing strategic partner who can provide a range of exceptional contract packing services. Options include:

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Eight reasons to source your bulk organic rooibos directly from us