Premium Quality Wholesale Organic Rooibos

Certified organic (EU, JAS & NOP/USDA) and UEBT / Rainforest Alliance rooibos tea

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super export short cut rooibos product

Organic Rooibos, Super Export Grade, Short Cut

Superb top-quality rooibos. Short Cut, also known as “teabag cut”.

Generally used for retail packaging by premium tea brands.

Great bulk / volumetric density. Fast infusion rate, and great versatility in use.

Our most popular product, available as ‘PA-free’.

choice grade short cut rooibos product

Organic Rooibos, Choice Grade, Short Cut

Excellent quality rooibos. Short/fine cut, with a 20% blend of reworked rooibos material and stems.

For premium brands requiring more affordable organic rooibos tea. Sometimes preferred for tagless and/or pyramid teabags, where the coarser stems may assist to display the visual qualities of the rooibos tea.

Available as ‘PA-free’

super export long cut rooibos product

Organic Rooibos, Super Export Grade, Long Cut

Excellent quality rooibos. Long cut principally used for ‘loose leaf’ tea, often blended by clients with fruits, herbs or flowers.

Great appearance qualities, with moderate infusion rate.

Available as ‘PA-free’.

pallet of rooibos packed in 18kg paper bags

900kg pallet

a single rooibos paper bag of 18kg

18kg paper bag

a bulk rooibos bag of 450kg

450kg bulk bag

shipping container transporting bulk organic rooibos

Packed container

Organic rooibos by-product offerings

recycled grade rooibos product

Organic Rooibos Recycled Grades

These are customized blends prepared from varying components of rooibos waste/by-products according to clients preferences.


Cut stems and sticks can be supplied as mulch.


All of our products can be supplied as “PA-free”.

rooibos dust

Organic Rooibos Dust

This very fine powder is sifted out during final processing. Rooibos dust is used for the manufacturing of rooibos extract and granulate formulations.


Very high density. Supplied in 25 kg bags.

All of our products can be supplied as “PA-free”.

Seven reasons to source your bulk premium organic rooibos directly from us