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8 reasons to source your wholesale premium organic rooibos directly from us

We harvest, produce, process and export hundreds of tons of bulk organic rooibos to specialty and premium tea brand owners worldwide.


Single estate origin premium-quality organic rooibos

Klipopmekaar is one of the largest organic rooibos farms in the industry. Not all rooibos is equal: quality depends on where & how it’s grown, and we’re fortunate to be located in one of the few high-quality rooibos production regions. Our average field altitude is relatively high, and our farm is situated in the genetic epicentre of the rooibos plant.


These factors along with our leading organic farming methods, tea-making recipe, and stringent quality assurance, combine to create excellent quality, and wonderfully flavored rooibos with distinctive aroma. 


Most large processors and trader suppliers principally offer blends that are amalgamated from multiple varying-quality production regions. We, however, are able to offer single estate origin rooibos at a consistency of quality to discerning buyers.

view of a rooibos tea farm


Ethically farmed certified organic rooibos - your food safety assured

Klipopmekaar rooibos is certified organic by ECOCERT SA to supply European (EU), Japanese (JAS) & North American (NOP/USDA) markets.

All our organic rooibos is also UEBT / Rainforest Alliance (RA) certified as ethically and sustainably produced, and in addition, our rooibos processing is FSSC 22000 certified.

All our premium specialty bulk wholesale rooibos products are tested for Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids (PAs) and Tropane Alkaloids (TAs), and can be supplied as “PA-free”. For more info on PAs, see our article here.

fair trade ethically farmed organic rooibos tea


Carbon Net-Zero Supplier

Klipopmekaar is a carbon net-negative rooibos producer/supplier. For our valued clients, this means that when you buy rooibos from us, it’s delivered as carbon net-zero product to your destination port.

This is an important environmental and GHG emissions reduction benefit that can be communicated within your organisation and to your consumers.


Direct supply chain

With us, you’re dealing directly with the farmer and producer of your bulk organic rooibos.


It’s straight-forward, farm-to-table and just one step. We’re open in our dealings, accountable to you, and focused on your beverage brand’s success.


We provide you with quality, consistency and transparency – and you cut out the potential extra costs and complexity of doing business with unnecessary intermediaries.

buy rooibos tea direct from source


Personal touch and marketing assistance

We offer a personal, knowledgeable and high-touch engagement to our customers. And we welcome them to visit our beautiful farm and facilities in order to see, and experience for themselves, how our organic rooibos is produced.


We’re interested to spend time with you and learn about your business, and we’re eager to help you understand how and where your rooibos is produced.


We’re keen to assist you with unlocking marketing opportunities to authentically connect your tea brand to its single estate origin and the greater Cederberg region. We also provide tools that can assist you with your digital and print advertising.

buy organic rooibos tea direct from source


Climate change-adapted rooibos farming and reliability of supply

Rooibos production is highly drought affected; with total industry production volumes shifting in lockstep (up to 50%) with cyclical drought and long-term climate change. 


We are #1 in the industry when it comes to the supplementary irrigation of rooibos. Our pioneering largescale drip irrigation schemes enable us to carefully supplement shortfalls in precipitation and mitigate the negative effects of climate change or drought as and when necessary. The bottom line is that we are able to significantly improve the long-term consistency, reliability, and quality of supply for our valued clients.


Consistently good yields flowing from our ability to irrigate (when necessary) means we can stabilize good yields, and keep our prices within a consistent acceptable pricing-band for clients. 

ethically farmed sustainable organic rooibos tea


Stable rooibos pricing, long-term contracts and storage

We strive to build stable, long-term, enjoyable, and mutually profitable relationships with our valued customers.


Should you be interested, we’re willing to explore long-term supplier agreements. These agreements provide more predictable pricing at reasonable rates and can insulate buyers from the ongoing fluctuations in rooibos market conditions.


We also offer free-of-charge long term (insured) storage which enables you to draw-down supply as/when needed. And we’re happy to explore inventory reserve schemes with those clients particularly concerned about stock-outs.


We are, of course, also happy to simply establish prices & volumes annually to your satisfaction.

rooibos bags in storage room


Track record of success

Our growing business has been successfully supplying premium brands and discerning buyers of bulk rooibos since 2007.
Our clients understand the rooibos industry well, and are discerning in their supplier choices. References are available on request.
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