Rooibos fields Cederberg

2009 Harvest Looking Good!

As 2008 draws to a close, we finalise our harvest season planning. The historically high rainfall over the last two years has resulted in good growth. We planted about 140 hectares over the past two years and all the rooibos has taken really well.

The experimentation with new planting methods and organic fertilizers seems to be bearing fruit, and I’m very curious to see how much higher the yields will be this harvest.

It’s also wonderful to see all our neighboring farms looking so good. May the rains continue into 2009!

We’re looking forward to welcoming the famous Cartographer, Peter Slingsby, to Klipopmekaar next year. We contacted him (after traversing the entire Cederberg mountain range a few months ago) to discuss a few inconsistencies that we found on his recent edition map of the region. The upshot is that he’s probably planning a visit next year … Peter is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the geography, history, and San rock paintings of the Cederberg area. We’re found 12 new rock painting sites in the last three years and we’re very keen to get his thoughts and input. More information about Peter and his maps business can be found here.

We’re also looking forward to further contact with Quinton Martins and the Cape Leopard Trust. The Trust’s aims are to optimally facilitate conservation of the Cape’s predator diversity through simultaneously implementing conservation strategies, research projects and tourism initiatives.

We frequently find leopard spoor/droppings/tracks on the farm, and a leopard was recently seen near our home. No hunting is allowed on our 5000 hectare private nature reserve and we hope to provide The Cape Leopard Trust with an opportunity to observe/track leopards in our area. For more information about the Cape Leopard Trust, click here.

Wishing all rooibos tea drinkers a lovely festive season!