Accolade for KWV “Rooibos Wine”

CAPE TOWN – World first technology has paid off for KWV’s Earth’s Essence wine brand, which has won a Global Food Award, at the IUFoST (International Union of Food Science and Technology) global food industry awards competition in the category: Product and/or Process Innovation Including Industrialization of Traditional Foods.

Winners were announced at the IUFOST World Congress of Food Science and Technology held in Dublin, Ireland, last month.


IUFoST Global Excellence Award is important recognition

The award was accepted by a representative of The South African Association of Food, Science and Technology, (SAAFoST) on KWV’s behalf. KWV winemaker Louwritz Louw (pictured above) says the IUFoST Global Excellence Award is important recognition and recognizes KWV’s use of innovative ingredients.

Earth’s Essence has no sulphur or preservatives added, made possible through KWV’s joint acquisition of the patent for an process using Rooibos and Honeybush wood during various stages in the winemaking process. “This is about advance in a category that has not seen true innovation in years,” says Louw. “Though there are many new technologies in the wine world there has never been a process innovation like this in the wine industry.”


In addition to its most recent achievement, Earth’s Essence was named product finalist in the international SIAL competition. Food Review named Earth’s Essence as the South African selected SIAL finalist (the only brand from South Africa to feature) as most representative of a product shaping world markets and the winners will be announced in October in Paris. SIAL is the world’s largest food innovation exhibition.


Finalists selected from the best in global wine production


The finalists were chosen by a panel of judges, from 28 publications around the world, who scrutinized the latest trends and new product launches that are defining the international food trade.


KWV Global Brand Manager for Earth’s Essence Tania Joubert says Earth’s Essence is distributed in a few countries outside SA. “We are actively working to increase our footprint in countries embracing ‘no sulphites added’ wine as this patented process opens up a whole new wooded wine category for the Earth’s Essence brand.”


Rooibos grows naturally in the Cederberg area in the Western Cape, while Honeybush is found only in the coastal districts and mountainous areas of the Western and Eastern Cape in South Africa. “By using Rooibos and Honeybush wood during various stages in the winemaking process their powerful anti-oxidants protect the wine naturally,” she adds. “This is a major advantage for people who suffer from sulphur intolerance.”


KWV is busy expanding the Earth’s Essence range using the same technology, with a Sauvignon Blanc currently in production, which will be ready for release in October 2016.


This article was published by “The Letter Box” on 30, August 2016. Click to link.