BOS tackles the sports drink market with launch of BOS SPORT

A new sports drink infused with the unique properties of rooibos, is set to revolutionize the sports drink market.


BOS Brands, already known for their BOS Ice Tea product range, has announced the launch of BOS Sport. The product reinforces their philosophy of creating healthy, colourant free and preservative free beverages – using only natural flavours and premium ingredients.


The range consists of three delicious flavours: Lemon Lime, Mandarin Orange and Red Berry. Co-Founder Grant Rushmere, showing off the yellow, orange and red packaging, which complements the bright blue bottle says: “We prefer to put our colour on the outside!”


South Africa is a very enthusiastic sports-loving nation with a R2.6-billion sports drink market growing at an annual rate of 6%. With this large and fast growing market, combined with the universal shift towards a more active lifestyle, BOS recognized the opportunity to launch a healthy sports drink.


BOS Sport primed for sports performance, rehydration and recovery


BOS Sport builds on the health properties of rooibos (which is naturally high in anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories, essential minerals and electrolytes) by adding potassium, magnesium & sodium. Together with the potent properties of rooibos, these electrolytes play an essential role in performance, rehydration and recovery.


BOS Sport has also taken great care with how it delivers energy by creating a Medium GI product that best harnesses the necessary energy (from carbohydrates) that our bodies need for performance, while minimizing the negative effects excess carbohydrates have.


Low GI and natural balance of sugars in BOS Sport

This is thanks to the use of Fruit Up, an unprocessed fruit extract. The low GI and natural balance of sugars in Fruit Up allows BOS to use less processed sugars and still achieve sustained energy release.

There is plenty of science in the formulation, which makes BOS Sport stand easily in the pantheon of big name supplements, but just as importantly it brings something refreshing, delicious and healthy for anyone who enjoys being active, not just for professional athletes.

“BOS Sport celebrates the athlete in everyone . We want to honour every day activity – walking your dog, dancing, playing frisbee on the beach… We want to honour people who enjoy using their bodies in an active way.”

“Whether you exercise for personal satisfaction or a professional salary, pushing our bodies to do what they are genetically programmed to do brings us a natural high. Being healthy and active is the ultimate form of self-expression … and it’s fun. That’s what BOS Sport is about.”

BOS Sport, from its colourful packaging and characteristic blue bottle to the healthy contents, was born from the creative design ethos of BOS Ice Tea, which has built a reputation as a fun and innovative brand that celebrates an active and healthy lifestyle.

“We want to imbue BOS Sport with our attitude, a way of thinking that builds on a platform of health, fun and self expression. We believe that life should be joyful and adventurous for everyone. We are all champions at heart, and this joie de vivre is something we want to share,” says Rushmere.