From little things, big things grow

For BOS Ice Tea, the dynamic natural beverages company on the tip of Africa, sustainability has always been a core principle – and they believe that everyone has the power to make a difference.


Since the company started trading in June 2010, BOS have always set out to do more than just produce really great tasting – not to mention good-looking – ice tea.


Planting A Tree For Every 2000 Ice Teas Sold


From day one, BOS began working in partnership with local companies who share their principles. BOS Co-Founder Richard Bowsher got in touch with Greenpop, a Cape Town based non-profit organization, and brainstormed their tree pledging program. And ever since June 2010 Greenpop have been planting one tree for every 2000 cans or tetra packs of BOS sold.


To date, that’s over 2000 trees planted in underprivileged, under-greened schools and public spaces – all in under 3 years!


As BOS Co-Founder Grant Rushmere explains, “We live in a time of consumerism and are acutely aware that consumer products put strain on the environment. What we are seeking to do with our tree planting is to assist in neutralising that effect. Our philosophy is to change from the inside, through action, and hopefully inspire others to do the same.”


“BOS was our first Greenpop Tree pledgee back in 2010”, says Lauren O’Donnell, Greenpop’s Director, “and it’s amazing to have planted over 2000 trees on their behalf already. We value their contribution as both a strategic partner and tree pledgee and we hope to continue our fantastic working relationship.”


In the next few days, BOS will also launch a virtual reality tree-planting app, “BOSify YOUR WORLD”, and have committed to planting one actual tree for every 2000 virtual trees planted using this app, which can be activated by scanning the QR code on a can of BOS Ice Tea.

Goal of Planting 50,000 trees by 2020


“Now that we have seen the positive effects of the tree planting and the future potential, we are more determined than ever to expand this awareness. The soon to be released tree planting app will accelerate this action. Our goal is to plant 50,000 trees by 2020,” says Grant.


They understand that one company cannot change the world, but they’ll continue to strive to make a difference.


Refreshing isn’t it? Just imagine the possibilities…


For more info, check out BOS’s ‘Giving Back’ info here.