“GO BOS!” with new BOS SPORT

Since its inception, BOS Sport has been serious about researching and developing the ultimate sports aid for its consumers.

Without altering the science behind its formulation, and by keeping true to its rooibos heritage and its three delicious flavours: Lemon Lime, Mandarin Orange and Red Berry, they’re ready and excited to introduce a brand new packaging range.

BOS Sport is using this opportunity to remind consumers about their healthy credentials (Hot fill preservative & colourant free) and drive trial and awareness with their newly launched through-the-line GOBOS marketing campaign.


“We’re incredibly excited about the refreshed packaging range for our 500ml BOS Sport line-up, which does a wonderful job of showcasing our all-natural, preservative-free, colourant-free sports drink range.”

Rooibos Ice Tea for superior athletic performance


“We’ve built BOS Sport for superior athletic performance and we are extremely proud of what we have to offer to consumers – to help them achieve their ambitions. We look forward to helping South African athletes GOBOS!” says BOS Brands CEO, Dave Evans.


The GOBOS campaign is a celebration of an active lifestyle. Built on the insight of ACTIVE ENVY: for those who live and love an active lifestyle, and have an instinctive craving to get out.


The campaign  features a competition through which the brand encourages its consumers to enter their best sports action shots on Instagram and Twitter with the #BOSSPORT hashtag. There’s exciting weekly prizes up for grabs and the chance to go on an adventure with one of BOS Sport’s world-class sporting ambassadors.


BOS Sport ambassadors:

About BOS Sport:

  • We are proud to be colourant & preservative free
  • We’ve used complex carbohydrates to create fast, medium & slow energy release for sustained performance
  • Essential electrolytes (K, Mg, NaCl) + organic rooibos all support your body in rehydration & muscle recovery

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