Say hello to BOS, sugar free!

BOS Brands, the colourful and proudly South African ice tea company, co-founded by Klipopmekaar farmer Richard Bowsher, has officially added a sugar free variant to its line of delicious fruit flavoured ice teas, which will be launching this month. The first of BOS’s iconic cans to go sugar free are two of the brand’s most popular flavours, peach and lemon.


“At BOS we love hearing from our consumers. Our consumers were asking for a BOS Sugar Free and we listened. We are proud to have developed a product which is naturally sweetened with stevia, that tastes great and looks great!” says BOS CEO, Dave Evans, as he shows off the first of many new sugar free BOS cans.


The BOS ethos has always been one of good health


The BOS ethos has always been that of good health, and an attitude where being healthy doesn’t have to be at the expense of having fun and living a creative and joyful life. “With the new sugar free BOS, the brand wants to keep the BOS energy alive and continue delivering healthy products, without compromising on the fun factor,” says BOS Brand Manager, Monique Henderson.


When it came to designing the new packaging for the sugar free cans, BOS has taken great care to make them stand out on shelves, along with their classic range of iconic bold cans. The rings around the cans symbolise “zeros”, which will differentiate between no sugar and the classic BOS range.


No sugar, just all-natural rooibos goodness


The sugar-free variant will continue to remain colourant and preservative free, with the brand’s excellent quality organically grown rooibos, farmed exclusively at Klipopmekaar Rooibos Farm in the Cederberg Mountains.


BOS hopes that the new cans will be a welcome addition to consumers’ ice tea of choice.


The sugar free peach and lemon flavours will be available in 275ml cans and will trade at R11.99. The sugar free lemon flavour will also be available in a 1 liter Tetra pack, which will trade at R21.99.


BOS Sugar Free will hit shelves nationwide in June. So keep an eye out for the new bold cans showing off their zeros!