solar panels at organis rooibos farm cederberg south africa

Solar Water Pump Donation To Bulungula Incubator



Two months ago we decided to upgrade our solar pump which we use to pump spring water from the Klipopmekaar River up to the farm buildings.

The engineering and efficiency of these solar pumps never cease to amaze me. Eight x 80 watt panels and a Grundfos solar pump will deliver 1000L/hour to our reservoir which is 2.5 km’s and away and 120m (head) above the river.

With the new pump installed we were able to increase water delivery and we had a relatively new pump spare.

Combined Efforts Provide Safe Water For Nqileni Village

My friends, Charles Starling (Director, Fair Packers) and Sonja Giese (Director, Bulungula Incubator) and their three kids had left Cape Town to live in in a remote village called Nqileni on the Eastern Cape Transkei Coast.

Their brave goals were to build a much needed school, create jobs in agriculture, and provide a safe water supply for villagers. Though their safe water supply plans were underfunded, they started spreading the word and networking.

And eventually, with financial help from the Nedbank Foundation to drill three boreholes and Klipopmekaars donation of a Grundfos SQF 0.6 pump, Sonja and her team were able to transform local village life.

The daily toil of fetching water and using unsafe water are now a thing of the past for Nqileni villagers thanks to the Bulungula Incubator’s efforts!