Rooibos at BIOFACH 2022 Nuremburg Germany

Klipopmekaar Represented At Biofach 2022

As the world slowly opens up in the shadow of the global pandemic, so trade shows and conferences have steadily begun to be held in person once again. Amongst the first large exhibitions that have opened doors to delegates from across the globe is the world’s largest organic fair, held every year in Nuremberg, Germany. And it’s here that Klipopmekaar was represented at Biofach 2022!

A truly global affair, Biofach at the Nuremberg Messe exhibition centre attracts an astounding range of stands that showcase the whole spectrum of organic products and services. With over 2500 exhibitors and around 46,500 trade visitors from around 130 countries, Biofach is the world’s largest trade fair for organic food and agriculture – and this is evident from the dizzying array of farmers and producers who were present to display their products, provide samples and take up the opportunity to connect and engage with delegates from around the world.

BIOFACH 2022 Nuremburg Germany

Beyond the enormous number of food and beverage products on show, there were also a vast number of companies that support the organic sector through a wide range of services such as packaging, processing and marketing. Also on hand were many certification bodies such USDA, Ecocert and Bio Swiss who were providing information to producers and manufacturers, as were analysis services and appellation bodies. 

For anyone trading in the burgeoning organic sector Biofach is the place to be, as it provides the ideal platform to network and make their product or service known to a truly global audience. Every part of the world is represented, with many countries either choosing to host a collective section of the trade fair with individual product stalls, or go solo and take a stand-alone stall which enables them to make the most of having the spotlight to themselves.

From Nepal to Nicaragua, Poland to the Philippines and on to North and South America – and also including many countries from Africa – the best of the world’s organic trade is on display and looking to do business.

BIOFACH 2022 Nuremburg Germany

Within the beverage sector there was a large showing of brands, concepts and products, and tea producers and brands were well represented, with a large number of prominent companies making the most of the annual showcase to promote their ranges and introduce new products to an audience that is seeking to identify the next opportunity for partnership or innovation. 

Making the most of this opportunity, our Klipopmekaar representative attended Biofach with the aim of making our company and its products known to all the right players across the organic sector whose focus is on tea and related beverages. And as far as one opportunity to network and connect with the ideal audience, Biofach provides the ideal platform.

Klipopmekaar at BIOFACH world's largest organic fair

Climate change and carbon footprint sit front and centre at the event, with encouraging signs across the event on show. These included innovations that sought to address plastic use, and also an almost total absence of single-use packaging, whether for giveaway samples, or as packaging for organic products.

With such an amazing spectrum of products and services on show, Biofach is something of an organic mecca for everyone and anyone whose business intersects with the growing trend towards an awareness of the importance of organic practices at this critical juncture in history.

To all exhibitors and producers that were present, we send our greetings and thanks – Biofach 2022 was an eye-opening dive into the expanding world of the organics trade, and we look forward to attending again, representing South Africa, and promoting the health-giving natural wonder plant that is rooibos.