Precision farming results in great 2014 rooibos harvest

Precision farming planning, organic/biological farming methods, good rains in 2013, and some timely summer rain in 2014 have resulted in great yield/HA, excellent quality, and a sizeable total harvest for summer 2014.

Paul Schlechter our Farm Manager and I are very glad that many of our long term (and recently implemented) experiments and precision farming plans have produced great results at Klipopmekaar.

All farmers seek increased yield while improving/maintaining quality, and looking after all resources and the environment … and farms which are well managed continuously work towards these primary goals.


Purposefully implementing biological and precision farming methods

We began purposefully and comprehensively implementing what are regarded as “precision farming” methods in 2011. We employ both a “predictive approach” based on analysis of static indicators (such as grid soil sampling, field history, etc.

And  during the crop cycle we apply a “control approach” which involves collecting information such as weighing biomass, measuring leaf nutrient content, and measuring parameters like temperature & rainfall etc.

Business and farming decisions are made with the assistance of long term farm planning models (with detailed field cycle-based per HA input cost analysis), and these models are regularly updated and improved as the seasons/years pass.

Its great to see the results of these efforts and share them with our customers!