Rooibos Features in ‘Around The World In 80 Teas’ Series

Rooibos is gaining in recognition and popularity across the world – and a good example is the recent release by the UK Tea & Infusions Association of a great video. Rooibos features in the ‘Around The World In 80 Teas’ series, a longstanding YouTube series that features the humble but nevertheless delicious and health-giving plant that we know so well. 
It’s notable that though it has covered numerous types of traditional tea, the Around The World In 80 Teas video series has never before covered a non-Camellia sinensis tea or infusion. Rooibos is thus the first to feature that is not from the traditional category of tea, as classified as black or green tea that’s made from the Camellia sinensis plant. 
Presenting and hosting this great video on rooibos is Sharon Hall, chief executive of the UK Tea & Infusions Association. Sharon is joined by Will Battle, from Fine Tea Merchants and the author of the World Tea Encyclopaedia, Dr Tim Bond, a natural health chemist and tea expert with 25-years experience who runs a tea consultancy – and the invited guest is the SA Rooibos Council’s Secretariat Manager, Marthane Swart.
As per Marthane’s input on the video, rooibos is an exceptional plant, in that its range is limited to a very specific area, and those who have been growing it for many years have a very special bond with the plant, and a great deal of respect for the rugged Cederberg environment in which it grows. 
To find out more about the growth of interest in rooibos, and how it’s a great all-rounder with a number of health benefits that are being explored and identified through peer-reviewed papers published over the last 10 years, watch the video below.