Rooibos and Infants

Rooibos Benefits Infants (But Not Too Soon)

Good nutrition is the foundation for a healthy future for infants – and that can include rooibos, but not until they’ve been weaned. Breastfeeding mothers can also drink Rooibos as a source of pre-biotic for the infant, while also changing their diet to help treat colic.

Rooibos Importers Info Japan

Rooibos Importers: Japan

With a long and ritualised tea drinking culture, it should come as no surprise that among rooibos importers, Japan ranks amongst the foremost nations of the world whose interest and consumption has grown in recent years.

Germany as importer of rooibos article rooibos tea import volumes history

Rooibos Importers: Germany

The next in our series of overviews of the rooibos marketplace, in which we provide a look at the rise of Germany from a country which initially had little appetite for rooibos tea, to becoming one of the dominant players in the marketplace.