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premium organic rooibos grown in cederberg

Rooibos Fights Cancer

A leading international research journal has published a review of more than fifty years of rooibos research which confirms that rooibos is a great source of flavonoid antioxidants which have many health benefits.

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Rooibos fields Cederberg

2009 Harvest Looking Good!

Historically high rainfall over the last two years has resulted in good growth in our rooibos tea fields, with 140 hectares planted over the past two years.

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Research Shows Rooibos A Boon To The Heart

Recent studies have shown that the benefits of rooibos tea can be attributed to a class of beneficial antioxidants called flavonoids – and rooibos is unique in that it’s the only plant that’s ever been found to contain the asphalatin flavonoid.

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Cedarberg Traverse

Recently we enjoyed an amazing 130-kilometre hike that took us along a route filled with majestic sights of the Cederberg.

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The Amazing Thing About Rooibos

The amazing thing about rooibos? Apart from the health benefits, it’s a species of plant only found in a limited area in South Africa – and our farm is right in the centre of its home range.

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